Tip #1: Choose just one way you hope to emerge from this a better person. A new skill, a new habit, a new accomplishment, a new outlook - whatever. Give yourself a modest mission. If we all emerge stronger, we'll make the world a better place than it was before.

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External Links & Resources:

🔗 Captain's Quarantine Log (My quarantine log on twitter)

🔗 Ministry of Health's Corona Page (משרד הבריאות)

🔗 QuaranTineLV - For Quarantinos in Israel (Facebook group)

🔗 Real-time Virus Tracking (whiz kid's website)

🔗 Tips and Tools for SMB's in the Age of Corona (built by Fiverr)

🔗 Looking to better understand what's happening? This article is key. (Medium.com)